website is currently for sale on Sedo, Dan, afternic, squadhelp and its partners.

About the Project website:

  • Title: Coin Crypto Price – Cryptocurrency Prices – Market Cap
  • Description: Search thousands of Crypto Coins, find Prices, Exchanges and Ico’s!

  • Great website with domain and social networks registered under the name Coin Crypto Price to create your company, a cryptocurrency or even an exchange. Or everything Enterprise, Cryptocurrency and exchange, or just provide information to visitors.
  • Website all complete, configured, mobile optimized, optimized for search engines, link building.
  • Google suggests in the search engine Coin Crypto Price when you start writing Coin Crypto Even sometimes when you start searching for Coin Google already suggests the name of the website.

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About the domain name: A good name is important!

Domain with 3 Important keywords: Coin Crypto Price

  • This domain is a great length!
  • The domain ending .com is very popular.
  • This domain can help you rank higher in search results.
  • Descriptive domains are more memorable.
  • This is a fantastic domain name that uses common words or phrases that people can easily remember or search for.
  • Premium domains are often more expensive, although there are some great perks to this name.

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  • 50 to 80 pages/links are still not recognized by Google as our Facebook Group, among many other pages, links, directories,, etc. When this happens it will increase the domain’s ranking on Google.
  • The site is still being indexed on Google and Bing, in total there are more than 8000 pages, coins, exchange´s and ico´s.
  • Some information may be out of date.

Social networks with the reserved name:


What is included in the sale:

  • Domain, Web Server (Linux Cpanel), CMS (WP), files, Images, Database (MySQL).
  • Domain E-mail Web Server.
  • Social media accounts, Blogger, Semrush account.
  • Cloudflare account and API account.
  • Accounts for the licenses the website is using.
  • Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • All bookmarks related to the website embedded in an html file that you can import into your browser.

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Ways to monetize:

  • It is possible to add affiliate links for platforms like Binance,, Coinbase, Changelly and many others.
  • You can also create custom texts and sell links in the description.
  • (Coins Pages) Add personalized information, such as links to official website, social networks, personalized texts, videos… and charge a fee for this service. Read more about Claim Your Coin/token
  • Advertising like Adsense (Adsense Approved Website).
  • Sell direct advertising at the top, sidebar or bottom of the website.
  • You can also receive donations via cryptocurrency.
  • Other ways.

How long does it take to transfer everything?

  • I’ll give you everything related to the Website and organized for your life to be made easier.
  • A TXT file is sent with the main credentials, Epp transfer code, links referring to the website such as logins for Cpanel, CMS administration, social networks, Cloudflare, Blogger, Semrush and others.
  • Website up and running: Web Server, Cloudflare, CMS configured and included so you don’t have to lose ranking or time.

Will I get assistance after the purchase?

  • Yes, 5 days after purchase.

How can I purchase Website?

For direct business, it is possible to negotiate the value between interested parties and we accept bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies. Contact us at with subject: Buy CCP Website

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