Claim Your Coin/token

What do you need to do?

Search the website for the Coin/Token to be updated, if it is available you can contact us and follow the instructions below.

What you can upgrade and conditions:

– Coin Block Explorer URL
– Coin Official Website URL
– Coin White Paper URL
– Coin Youtube URL
– Coin First Announced Date
– Coin Github URL
– Coin Facebook URL
– Coin Twitter URL
– Coin Reddit URL
– Coin Description, 1000 characters is ideal. (It is possible to add 1 video YouTube, send us the url of the video). The video must be in the official account associated with the currency/token. Video example: How to buy or about the project.
– Add Buy/Sell Link (where to buy) this option is not free.

Copy the text and add it to your e-mail and add the links below each one you want to add.

Example page

We use various types of technology to deliver the best service/performance possible. One of them is Cloudflare, the website is available in 270 cities, 100+ countries, around the world with low latency and ultra fast loading.


E-mail and info needs to be authenticated, send us an e-mail from your website’s e-mail server that matches the currency/token with the information to be added.

Submitted information needs to be verified before being added to the website and coin/token page.

Terms of use: in update…

Our e-mail: [email protected]

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