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  • by David Attlee
    The list contains several crypto firms among companies trading without the correct licenses. The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), Spain’s principal financial regulator, has published a list of 18 companies operating in the country without a proper license. The CNMV published the list on Feb. 26. […]
  • by Ezra Reguerra
    Yuga Labs takes down some of its NFT collections from marketplaces that do not support creator royalties. Nonfungible token (NFT) company Yuga Labs will take its collections out of NFT marketplaces that do not support royalties for all creators. On Feb. 26, Yuga, the company behind […]
  • by Prashant Jha
    A few users on X lauded Buterin for promoting open-source software; however, a few others also pointed out that Linux has its own share of issues. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes the open-source operating system (OS) Linux is a perfect solution for Elon Musk’s Microsoft […]
  • by Arijit Sarkar
    The Federal Reserve’s plan for digital dollar issuance in the United States was met with a roadblock after five senators filed legislation demanding a ban on CBDCs. Five United States senators have joined hands to fight the Biden administration’s plans to issue a “digital dollar” […]
  • by Shailey Singh
    Explore the dynamics of Bitcoin halving and its historical impact on price trends while preparing for the upcoming 2024 halving. The Bitcoin halving is a crucial event in the cryptocurrency space that occurs approximately every four years, reducing the reward that miners receive for validating […]
  • by Jesse Coghlan
    Grayscale’s ETF bleeding has slowed again, while other funds have seen another strong day of inflows, lifting them to a fortnightly high. Grayscale’s spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF) has seen its third consecutive trading day of slowing net outflows, hitting a record low of […]
  • by Tom Mitchelhill
    Bitcoin’s massive surge upward saw more than $268 million in shorts liquidated throughout the wider crypto market. Bitcoin short sellers are nursing millions in losses after Bitcoin (BTC) rocketed upward by nearly 11% to briefly notch a new yearly high of $57,000. According to data from […]
  • by Martin Young
    Bitcoin smart contract and scaling platform tokens such as Stacks and RIF have become beneficiaries of the recent Bitcoin surge. Bitcoin scaling tokens and BRC-20 coins surged on Monday, outperforming the wider crypto markets and even Bitcoin (BTC) itself despite tapping its own 25-month high.Bitcoin layer-2 […]
  • by Martin Young
    During a tech conference in Qatar, the South African comedian was asked to talk about the biggest mistake he’s ever made in his life. South African comedian and entertainer Trevor Noah said his life’s biggest mistake was not buying Bitcoin (BTC) when it was “worth […]
  • by Brayden Lindrea
    Mistral AI also unveiled a partnership with Microsoft, which will make Mistral Large accessible on Azure AI Studio and Azure Machine Learning. France-based startup Mistral AI has added a new proprietary large language model (LLM) to an increasingly crowded AI market — claiming its new […]
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