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ICO NameZamio
Start DateNovember 01, 2021
End DateNovember 01, 2021
2 years ago

# **What is** is building a hybrid CeFi-DeFi financial ecosystem that bridges real capital to blockchain and accelerates the transition to the new decentralized economy.

The ecosystem enables equity investors to extend their stocks portfolio to crypto markets using a platform for stablecoin loans secured by stocks as collateral (zMorgan Protocol).'s universal CeFi&DeFi wallet (ZamWallet) allows users to store, buy, sell and manage over 200+ crypto assets, bringing the best characteristics of CeFi and DeFi into a unified wallet. ZamWallet also offers ready-made investment portfolios built by seasoned traders.

The ecosystem’s native utility token $ZAM is used to pay for transactions, fees, cross-border transfers, governance and more.'s token is a bridge token between CeFi and DeFi. The value of $ZAM is backed by real revenue generated on the ecosystem.

# ** ecosystem includes:**
- Platform for stablecoin loans secured by stocks as collateral
- Universal CeFi-DeFi digital wallet to manage and exchange crypto assets
- Ready-made crypto investment portfolios
- Stablecoin
- Native utility token
- Remittance solution
- Virtual bank cards
- Crypto academy has been covered on Yahoo News, Bloomberg, Market Insider, NewsBTC. Benzinga, Digital Journal, CoinCodex, Business Telegraph and more than 100+ global publications.

# **Who Are the Founders of**
**Iliya Biniaminov:** A serial Entrepreneur and founder of 8 companies in the fields of IT, Aerospace, Fintech, Blockchain and Construction and more than 10 years of experience in banking across Eastern Europe and the CIS region.

**George Gus:** Since 2017 George has been investing in crypto and developing blockchain and financial products. He has 15 years of experience in product development, marketing and Ui/UX. He also supervised the development of several complex IT products with extensive experience in promoting international companies in the markets of Europe, Turkey and the UAE (Dubai).

**Ayman Sayed:** A serial Entrepreneur, crypto investor and business developer of projects across multiple industries including Fintech, Blockchain, E-commerce, Infrastructure, and Digital Marketing with over 10 years of experience in project development.

# **What makes so Unique?**
From institutional investors to seasoned traders and new adopters, brings a universal solution that covers the needs of every type of user in the industry into one unified ecosystem.

zMorgan gives traditional institutional investors the opportunity to seamlessly transition into crypto markets. Investment portfolios enable seasoned traders to earn by sharing their trading know-how and building portfolios for new traders. Newcomers to crypto are onboarded using a learning platform to understand the industry.

# **What is $ZAM Token?**
$ZAM is a cross-chain utility token of available on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Networks.

# **Where can you buy $ZAM Tokens?**
$ZAM will be available on the most popular CeXs and DeXs. It is also possible to buy or swap ZAM tokens on ZamWallet.

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IEO Ended
ICO NameZamio
Start DateNovember 01, 2021
End DateNovember 02, 2021

INO Ended
ICO NameZamio
Start DateFebruary 01, 2022
End DateFebruary 02, 2022

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