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ICO NamevEmpire DDAO
Start DateAugust 31, 2021
End DateAugust 31, 2021
2 years ago

What is vEmpire DDAO ($VEMP)

vEmpire DDAO is the largest decentralized Metaverse investment organization. They're the first protocol to enable Metaverse token staking in exchange for dual yield interest, paying yields in both $VEMP and the original token staked. Alongside this, they're also the largest decentralized virtual real estate owner currently operating in this industry.

vEmpire was started to protect decentralized technologies, like the Metaverse, from being taken over by centralized entities while also lowering the barrier to entry to make investment easier, fairer and more equitable for the community. This will ensure that investment in web3 technologies like the Metaverse is not reserved purely for the wealthy.

To date, investors have contributed to staking over $55 Million worth of Metaverse tokens on their platform to earn very lucrative yields and help contribute to huge decentralized community investment and governance.

On top of this, vEmpire also operates in the NFT and GameFi industry by releasing their own play-to-earn games and incubating smaller projects to provide immersive and interactive mediums for their community.

What makes vEmpire DDAO unique?

vEmpire is the first protocol of its kind and its revolutionary impact of lowering the barrier to entry for investment in the Metaverse has helped unlock pools of capital that would otherwise not be available. vEmpire has a trifecta effect, helping investors access investment opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach, helping spur growth and adoption in the Metaverse and helping keep it decentralized and in the community’s control.

What utility is there to the $VEMP token?

- Provides access to the DDAO via staking
- Used for community votes
- Paid out as staking interest

How many $VEMP tokens are there in circulation?

Currently, just over 173 million VEMP tokens have already entered the market but vEmpire have announced that a total of 810,720,000 VEMP tokens will be released in total circulation over a twenty-one year release schedule.

Where can I buy $VEMP?

VEMP can be purchased on most decentralized exchanges, the biggest being Uniswap & Pancake Swap. On top of that, VEMP is also available on Gate, Bittrex and MEXC. Check out the market section below for a full breakdown of VEMP markets.

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