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ICO NameRatio Finance
Start DateFebruary 17, 2022
End DateFebruary 25, 2022
2 years ago

###What Is Ratio Finance (RATIO)?

Ratio Finance Protocol is a decentralized finance application platform on Solana designed to accept yield-bearing collateral to mint “USDr”, a collateralized debt position. The risk of all collateral is assessed by Ratio Finance protocol-owned algorithms, ensuring the safety and solvency of the protocol.

###RATIO is the native governance token that is used for:

* Whitelisting accepted collateral
* Adjusting accepted oracles
* Adjusting the risk algorithms that are used to assess how much USDr can be minted against respective crypto-assets
* Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

Ratio Finance’s initial features include:

* Mint USDr by depositing stable Solana LP
* Earn yield on deposited assets
* 0% interest on USDr minting
* No liquidations on collateral

###How Many RATIO Coins Are There in Circulation?

There are 100 million RATIO tokens in total. There will initially be 5.9 million RATIO in circulation.

####Who Are the Founders of Ratio Finance?

Ratio Finance was founded by Samiar Tehrani and Shimon Newman, who both have extensive experience in business development, venture capital, and token utility design. Ratio Finance was created because Samiar and Shimon believed that the risks of providing collateral to DeFi protocols are not properly understood or communicated and that collateralized debt positions (CDPs) could be made more efficient.

This project became what is now the Ratio Finance Protocol, and employs more than 20 staff, including business developers and coders with previous experience at hedge funds, big 4 consultancies, banks, and other major crypto projects.

### Where Can I Buy RATIO?

RATIO can be purchased on the upcoming $RATIO token sale on Republic:

Reg D - For US-Based Accredited Investors


Reg S - For Non-US-Based Persons


###What makes Ratio Finance unique?

Ratio Finance is the first collateralized debt position (CDP) platform that mitigates protocol risk through on-chain risk analysis. Users can deposit yield-bearing collateral on Solana to mint USDr. The amount of USDr that can be minted is determined in real-time by the underlying risk of the asset. Users will be able to visualize the risks of liquidation for non-stable collateral and make informed decisions about where to provide liquidity.

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