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ICO NameRage Fan
Start DateMarch 31, 2021
End DateMarch 31, 2021
3 years ago

$RAGE is a standard ERC-20 native token with dual purpose of “play system” and “community governance” and other associated utilities.

**How to Play?**

Rage.fan is India’s biggest Sports Game with an exponentially growing user base of over 2 crore sports fans.

**Pick a Sport**

Choose from a wide variety of sports such as cricket, football, volleyball, kabaddi, basketball, and hockey

**Create Teams**
Use your skill and knowledge to create competent teams. The better the team better would be chances of winning

**Join Contests**

Choose from wide array of contests and quizzes to earn bonus points


Compete with other players and win big in the form of game tokens

### Challenges we are addressing

Today’s online sports industry trades on false promises of getting rich quick. Rage.Fan aims to address lack of transparency and ensures that participants get the maximum benefit.

**Opaque transactions processing and settlements**

Current platforms have absolutely zero visibility for fans in terms of points calculation, pool formulation, transactions or rewards distribution. The model is “house-driven” thus lacks transparency and visibility.

**Escalated cost models**

Fees charged by fantasy sport platforms are extremely high elevating the entry barriers for sports enthusiasts. Even worse, this eats into the rewards. Also, these platforms are charging fees without any transparency which reduces the trust that players put into the platform.

**Lack of fan influence**

Centralized fantasy sport platforms allow little or no voice to fans in the operations of the platform creating an imbalance in the power structure and allows the platform operators to have full control of the decision making.

### Solutions

**Automated Market Creation**

Each market is created using the automated market algorithms and all transactions are processed on-chain for complete transparency


Play your favourite sports on Rage.Fan which includes Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, amongst others

**Trade positions**

Features like early exit and positions trading are aimed at facilitating loss minimization and increase positions for others.


Built on Ethereum, Rage.Fan is a decentralized open source platform ensuring fair transactions

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IDO Ended
ICO NameRage Fan
Start DateMarch 29, 2021
End DateMarch 31, 2021

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