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ICO NamePhuture
Start DateJune 03, 2021
End DateJune 03, 2021
3 years ago

## What Is Phuture (PHTR)?

Phuture is a decentralized protocol built to create and invest into passive index strategies in a [Web 3.0]( environment.

Phuture is based on an open design philosophy that creates passive investment strategies. It provides users with the necessary tools to create new indices and invest in existing indices created by others.

The platform combines a user-friendly interface and a set of powerful instruments. One example is the Index Creator, which simplifies index creation by offering customizable parameters like automatic sector tracking and dynamic weighting methods.

The protocol is designed to provide scalability by allowing a single swap to rebalance multiple indexes simultaneously. The mechanism itself calculates the optimal assets for rebalancing and determines the acceptable ranges of weights. As a result, the platform supports hundreds of indices, minimizes loss of value during trades and improves index productivity.

In early May 2021, Phuture protocol announced the completion of its private seed fundraising round. About $1.5 million was raised with the backing of prominent VC firms, including Ascensive Assets, NGC Ventures, SevenX, Origin Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Moonrock Capital and D64.

## Who Are the Founders of Phuture?

Charles Storry - Head of Growth. Before Co-Founding Phuture, Charles worked at London based Venture Capital firm SVK Crypto in a partnership capacity.

Alex Melnichuk - Tech Lead. Before Co-Founding Phuture. Alex cofounded Pragma Development Studios. Alex has over ten years of experience in software development.

Oliver Mehr - Head of Product. Before Co-Founding Phuture, Oliver worked at London based Venture Capital firm SVK Crypto in a partnership capacity.

## What Makes Phuture (PHTR) Unique?

Phuture allows anyone to launch their indices using assets on the Ethereum ([ETH]( blockchain.

Thanks to Phuture's index creation tools, the project's index portfolio grows along with the market, supporting new sectors. PHTR token holders can dynamically influence the protocol's development and actively participate in making critical decisions. By using third-party profitability optimizers, Phuture minimizes opportunity costs.

Rebalancing and off-platform performance are ensured by merging index assets into groups of similar assets. Phuture can scale up when numerous indexes are added to the platform because of this aggregated design.

Using 0x API, Phuture collects liquidity across the Ethereum network, allowing access to a wide range of assets and improving execution. At the same time, there is no liquidity recovery phase, meaning that users can create indices with any assets without restrictions on one-way deposits — but only at the initial stage.

Phuture’s rebalancing range formula prevents the rebalancing system from working unexpectedly and is triggered when the asset price goes out of range. It is one of the functions that keep the system safe during significant price movements.

Phuture's aggregate design also improves asset performance. To produce extra yield and withdraw assets, the platform must maintain a necessary reserve level to support rebalancing and maturity.

To ensure the continuous operation of the platform, Phuture uses keepers to perform the basic protocol functions: rebalancing, recapitalization and reweighting.

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## How Many Phuture (PHTR) Coins Are There in Circulation?

PHTR is the utility token of the Phuture protocol that performs several functions: governance, user rewards, stimulating activity and raising capital.

Token holders have voting rights and can influence the development of the protocol and make improvement suggestions. If a user stakes PHTR, they receive ePHTRs that generate income. PHTR tokens are also used to increase the liquidity of indices. Custodians earn PHTR by performing crucial tasks for the platform.

PHTR has a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, allocated as follows: 25% to the team, 53% to the foundation, 3% to the advisors, 18% to the seed sale, 1% to the public sale.

No tokens have been publicly released as of May 2021. Nevertheless, the team has announced an initial DEX offering ([IDO]( on the Polkastarter platform.

## How Is the Phuture Network Secured?

PHTR is an [ERC-20]( token built on the Ethereum blockchain. All activity on the Phuture platform is handled automatically by [smart contracts](

## Where Can You Buy Phuture (PHTR)?

As of May 2021, PHTR is not yet listed for trading on any exchanges.

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ICO NamePhuture
Start DateJune 02, 2021
End DateJune 03, 2021

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