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ICO NameNuNet
Start DateNovember 17, 2021
End DateNovember 21, 2021
2 years ago

Currently, the global computing ecosystem is fragmented and oligopolistic, large infrastructure providers dominate, and computational resources at the edge of networks are underutilized. NuNet’s interoperability framework will enable an efficient distribution of diverse computational processes across a distributed and scalable network of individually owned hardware devices, IoT infrastructures, and data-centers. Connecting together different marketplaces for computing resources, Nunet will provide an easy to access and uniform ecosystem powered by a decentralized economy of crypto incentives.

NuNet is the second project to spin-off from SingularityNET and the first project to launch from the SingularityDAO Launchpad.

NuNet will:
• Power the economy of decentralized computing marketplaces leveraging advances in micropayment ecosystems, distributed computing and blockchain technologies; Platform Users
• Integrate the world's computing, storage resources and data into one meta-marketplace with the help of powerful and evolving API of APIs, multi-token micropayment adaptors and specialized network operations agents.
• Allow anybody to share, monetize and utilize the value of their storage, computing capacities, algorithms, code, data, human creativity and machine intelligence, at scale.

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