NFTD Protocol (NFTD) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameNFTD Protocol
Start DateMay 26, 2021
End DateJune 02, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 years ago

1. What is NFTD?

NFTD is a smart NFT supermarket system for digitals products. In this smart shopping system, the sellers and each product they sell are identified as a unique tokenID. Once the transaction is completed, the buyer's ownership will be confirmed immediately.

2. Why is the NFTD necessary?

Currently buying on online shopping systems. the seller only ships the product directly to the buyer but does not give clear proof of ownership of the product. Sometimes this reduces the value of the goods if the buyer later wants to sell them to someone else. With NFTD this issue is resolved, every transaction completed on Uquid Shop will include proof of the owner with the goods customer purchased.

3. NFTD Mission

Our long-term goal is to bring NFTs to everyday life. We wanted to simplify the visual concepts of NFTs that are difficult for buyers to understand and implement now. We want Uquid Shop to be an Amazon for crypto in the future. NFTs and Defi products will be an integral part of this mission.

4. Use Cases

Getting the right to use the copyright of music or logos for a product on the market today is very complicated and time-consuming. With the help of NFTs, this process will be done quickly and accurately.

Copyright Products

NFTD will support all products under copyright laws included:
• Poetry, Novels, Movies & Videos
• Paintings, Photographs
• Sculpture, Architecture and
• Songs, Choreography, Sound recordings

Social & Digital Content

Sell unique content on Uquid NFTs platform:
• Youtube Videos
• Tiktok Video Content
• Livestreamer Content
• Tweets & Social media Post

Digitals Products

Bringing digitals products into sales as NFTs makes the buying and selling process more transparent.
• Computer Software
• Games & Antivirus
• Top-up Subscription
• Coupon, Vouchers & Gift cards

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