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Start DateNovember 05, 2021
End DateNovember 05, 2021
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
2 years ago

NEXTYPE is launched by NEXTYPE Foundation on November 2020, which is a cross-chain GAME+NFT+DeFi integrated application ecology. NEXTYPE is aimed at creating more efficient and freer NFT swapping protocols and providing users with high-quality blockchain games.
MiningTycoon, the initial game of NEXTYPE, is based on the development path of traditional games, which uses the core game method of virtual mining. In addition to NT reward, mining will also produce other buff props, such as mining license,which is an essential prop to participate in the BTC mining pool and NFT props with powerful effect in game . Players can collect and stake the mining license to mine BTC every day.
NEXTYPE will also launch 8-10 self-developed games in this year and cooperate with at least 10 games to create NEXTYPE games matrix.
In terms of underlying technology development,NEXTYPE has developed NVEP (NFT Value Exchange Protocol) and NCCP (NFT Cross-Chain Protocol) to solve the difficult situation of NFT transaction. And the smart contracts of NEXTYPE have been audited by CERTIK.
NEXTYPE is strongly supported by HECO and has reached strategic cooperation with SeeSea Japan, a well-known Japanese company, and Quaras, a subsidiary of Fuji Media, which means NEXTYPE have made a good start in Japan IP market. Besides, NEXTYPE has been formally invited to join the BGA (Blockchain Game Alliance.
NEXTYPE is trying to define the new form of next-gen blockchain games.

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