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ICO NameKommunitas
Start DateJuly 27, 2021
End DateJuly 31, 2021
2 years ago


Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. Kommunitas is the solution for Multi Chain oriented projects, meaning that we can serve project from various blockchain like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalance, Solana.

Not only a Launchpad, Kommunitas also offers project a wide variety range of funding, starting from Private round, Strategic Round. To read more about our 2 Million Kommunitas Incubator Fund, you can visit: https://medium.com/@kommunitas/kommunitas-establishes-a-2-million-incubator-fund-to-support-promising-projects-in-the-crypto-98de726c900.

Kommunitas Platform Advantages:
**1. Multi Chain sales **
We are revolutionizing fundraising in the digital ecosystem with our seamless platform that supports developers’ quest to raise funds for their projects. We aim to expand the fundraising horizon with our platform and defeat the single-chain limit. Our multi-chain protocol (ETH, BNB, HECO, and MATIC) will enable you to attract investors from all over the crypto community.

**2. Tier-Less System **
It means all $KOM holders have a chance to participate in Launchpad based on their comfortable level of investment, without having to stress about holding a minimum number of $KOM to be accepted in the new project.

**3. Ability for Staking **
Kommunitas’ users will be able to stake their tokens directly from their wallet and earn good rewards.

KOM is the native utility token that is used for:

* Staking and earning rewards
* Calculating a fair allocation for newly launched projects.
* Used for governance votes to determine the development of the platform and projects launching on Kommunitas.

Problems with Launchpad :
* Tier system
* Queueing System
* Whitelist system
* One currency acceptance
* No Audit and Not listed on Centralized Exchanges

Kommunitas Launcpad Solution :
* Tier-less system
* No Queueing System
* Guaranteed Allocation for KOM Holders
* Multi Currency Acceptance
* Audit and Listing on Centralized Exchanges service

## How Many KOM Coins Are There in Circulation?

Kommunitas launched its platform on 20 May 2021 with 40 Billion KOM tokens created at first, with almost 70% of which is locked with a third party token locker (DxSale Platform).
KOM tokens are locked for as long as 50 months and all the details about each wallet along with the locker can be found in their documentation which can be found here : https://docs.kommunitas.net/tokenomics/token-distribution

### Where Can I Buy KOM token?

KOM token can be purchased on several centralized exchanges such as BitMart, P2PB2B, IndoEx, Dex-Trade and CoinStore starting from 2nd August 2021.
Kommunitas also plans to expand its liquidity to some Decentralized Exchanges like Quickswap and Sushiswap in the future.

KOM pre-sale / private sale price was $0.001.
During the pre-sale / private sale, there were 247,294,230 KOM tokens sold in this phase.

KOM public sale was conducted by IEO mechanism on several exchanges like IndoEx, P2PB2B and Dex-Trade, with the price of $0.002 , $0.003, and $0.004 respectively.

All information about KOM token can be found on : https://docs.kommunitas.net/roadmap

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IEO Ended
ICO NameKommunitas
Start DateJuly 15, 2021
End DateJuly 19, 2021

IEO Ended
ICO NameKommunitas
Start DateJuly 01, 2021
End DateJuly 14, 2021

IEO Ended
ICO NameKommunitas
Start DateJuly 01, 2021
End DateJuly 14, 2021

IEO Ended
ICO NameKommunitas
Start DateJune 17, 2021
End DateJune 30, 2021

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