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ICO NameKnight War - The Holy Trio
Start DateSeptember 27, 2021
End Date--
PlatformBinance Smart Chain (BEP20)
End Time

## What Is Knight War: The Holy Trio (KWS)?

Knight War The Holy Trio is a fun and simple Play-to-earn game in the Idle Defense Genre with a carefully built NFT Weapon Crafting System.

Knight War The Holy Trio offers gamers a very different experience compared to all other blockchain games. It is elegantly simple and effortless, allowing you to experience the game with very little interaction with the screen.

The Game tells the story of the War on the beautiful world of Kahlla. The Demons, once kind and friendly, have turned back to their old ways and wreaked havoc on the land after having accidentally found a new source of power that only they can absorb. They have pushed the Humans, The Elves, The Beast, and all other species to the brink of extinction. The humans and the Elves, on a joint excursion to where the Demons got their power, found a special material, so strong that it could enhance the solidity of all of their weapons by manifold. They called it Meteor Remnant Essence and decided to share the secret material with all other species. After years of resisting in desperation, they have finally stood a chance against the Demons. The Great Alliance, the name for the unity of all species, has been formed with a single goal: Restore Peace to Kahlla.

KWS or Knight War Spirit is the native utility token of Knight War: The Holy Trio that is currently used for:

* Crafting/Minting NFT Weapons
* Staking to earn more KWS
* Staking for more benefits in game
* Used for governance votes to determine how resources are located.

Knight War The Holy Trio Gameplay includes:

* Singleplayer PvE Mode against The Demons
* Multiplayer Co-op against World Boss
* (Upcoming) PvP Arena against other players
* Lucky Spin, Extra Rewards for spending time in the game

## What are Knight War The Holy Trio NFTs?

Unlike other games, Knight War The Holy Trio does not focus on the Characters but rather the Weapons.

The weapon NFTs have been designed very carefully. There are 3 types of Weapon NFT: Sword, Bow and arrow, and Magic Staffs. These weapons can be wielded by any character class but there will be extra buffs to the right wielder, i.e. extra buffs for Knights with Swords, Archers with Bow and arrows, and Mages with Magic Staffs. When an NFT is crafted/generated, one unique item will be taken from a pool of 12 million algorithmically generated weapons. These 12 million weapons come from a secret number of original, hand-drawn, unique stock. The game mechanics will keep the chance for the same NFT weapon being crafted close to 0, guaranteeing the rarity and uniqueness of your NFT asset.

The game inherits the success of many blockchain games that came before it and has a little touch of its own. Each of your NFT Weapon will have 3 parts with 6 different characteristics, corresponding to different buffs the equipped character can receive. How these elements interact with each other will decide your lineup in PvE as well as PvP.

## How Many KWS Are There in Circulation?

There are only 500 million KWS in total.

The Initial Circulation of the game at Token Generation Event will be 13,840,000 KWS

### Who Are the Founders of Knight War The Holy Trio?

Knight War The Holy Trio is developed by Oasis Metaverse Studio, a dedicated blockchain game studio from Vietnam. It was founded by our veteran-game-developer, CEO Mike Ta and gamer-at-heart, COO Harris Nguyen.

Mike has been in love with mathematics and IT for a long time. From a young intern at small game studios, he has worked and built his own Game Studio. TDCGames Studio is the author of many featured Idle Defense games on Google Play as well as the Appstore, namely Zombie Idle Defense, Knight War Idle Defense, which has garnered millions of downloads.

Harris has been playing video games since he first held the SNES controller in the early 2000s. He has been in love with them until today. Harris is in charge of improving Knight War The Holy Trio’s Game Design, Contents and Team Operation. He understands that Knight War The Holy Trio should not try to be a feature-rich blockchain game with a deep lore and extensive gameplay, but rather a down-to-earth, mid-core, fun and casual game.

The team is working extra hard to build a sea of free premium contents that could put a smile on your face while playing the game.

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IEO Ended
ICO NameKnight War - The Holy Trio
Start DateSeptember 27, 2021
End Date--

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