Freyala (XYA) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameFreyala
Start DateMay 12, 2021
End DateMay 26, 2021
2 years ago

Freyala (XYA) is an HRC-20 token and essentially focuses on the value of community at its core. The idea behind this project would be to create a beginner-friendly means of using crypto with the power of low-cost and fast transactions on the Harmony blockchain. Freyala (XYA) will be the main token using ONE as gas to be the base foundation for the entire Freyala ecosystem, including the currency for the upcoming HRC-721 token for CryptIDs.

CryptIDs is the tentative name for a NFT-based monster collection strategy game on XYA, unlike anything that’s currently on the blockchain. By staking XYA, players will be rewarded with in-game tokens that can traded for booster packs containing monsters called CryptIDs. These CryptIDs are NFTs created with distinctive properties, giving each one a unique combination of stats and abilities (hence different strengths and weaknesses). Some CryptIDs being simply stronger -and more valuable- than others.

Players can select their strongest CryptIDs and put them to battle against other players, either for fun, glory or more CryptIDs. This puts their own monsters on the line in a wager. Battle mechanics will remain disclosed for now. We aim to combine the monster collection tropes we all know and love with those you find in auto battler games. We are looking to find a nice balance between having the right monsters and the right strategy.

CryptIDs aims to please collectors of valuables by building a marketplace on which monsters can be sold or traded. Initially we will be trying to partner up with an existing marketplace, but we are also looking into methods to support this service ourselves.

This marketplace should help players as well, as this allows them to find the perfect monster to add to their colletion. Players can merge NFTs to evolve their monsters to increase their battle prowess, while decreasing the total supply and increasing value across the board.

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