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ICO NameCook Protocol
Start DateMarch 31, 2021
End DateMarch 31, 2021
3 years ago

Cook Protocol is built on a cross-chain solution that establishes a generic asset management platform, providing investors with a selection of asset management vehicles from fund managers. Funds can be managed passively or actively through
whitelisted DeFi protocols. For each investment fund, a unique LP token – proportional to their contribution to the fund – is issued to investors. Investors can divest the tokens at any time in exchange for the equivalent underlying asset.

## Token Utility:

* Modify Governance Model: If token holders are unsatisfied with the current governance model, they can propose modifications to better serve their interests.
* Allocate Community Treasury: token holders can vote on how and when to start incentive programs and distribute COOK tokens from the Community Treasury
* Update DeFi Whitelist: The entire community of Cook token holders can decide whether to add or remove a particular DeFi protocol to the protocol-level whitelist
* Change Pricing Oracle: Cook Protocol uses a price oracle to calculate the investment fund values. Token holders can vote to have the price oracle updated.
* Adjust Platform Fee: Cook token holders can decide to increase or decrease fees charged on the Cook Protocol platform.
* Add New Features: Cook tokens can also be used to vote on adding features at the protocol-level.
* Launching funds: Fund managers must stake COOK to initialize new funds.

IDO Ended
ICO NameCook Protocol
Start DateMarch 31, 2021
End DateApril 01, 2021

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