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ICO NameBoson Protocol
Start DateApril 08, 2021
End DateApril 09, 2021
3 years ago

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## What Is Boson Protocol (BOSON)?

[Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) is a [decentralized]( infrastructure for e-commerce transactions. The ecosystem enables the exchange of digital value for real-world products and services through the use of [tokenized]( futures contracts. Сommitments to buy and sell physical assets are represented as stateful [non-fungible tokens]( (NFTs) on the platform.

Together with its naitive [utility token]( BOSON, the protocol aims to demonopolize commerce and allow buyers and merchants to interact with minimal intervention from intermediaries.

BOSON tokens serve both to govern the ecosystem and to incentivize actions that can maximize the supply of quality NFT redemptions. A user can acquire the currency by participating in development bounties, joining meetups, entering competitions and being an active member of the community. As stated in its official [lightpaper](, BOSON accrues value from transaction fees and commerce data sales via Boson’s [Web 3.0.]( data marketplace.

The protocol was founded in March 2019. According to the roadmap posted on its official website, the project plans to be able to support e-commerce transactions for i-gaming, NFT art, CeFi and [DeFi]( loyalty reward schemes by the end of 2021. The first BOSON token sale was held through Gnosis Auction in April 2021.

## Who Are the Founders of Boson Protocol?

Justin Banon is the CEO and co-founder of [Boson Protocol]( (BOSON). An experienced entrepreneur, he previously created a [blockchain]( strategy consultancy called Meltfactory and a crypto native rewards platform, Redeemeum. He also formally headed the Travel Experiences Division of Collinson Group, a global loyalty and benefits company.

Boson Protocol’s chief technical officer (CTO) and co-founder is Gregor Borosa, a proficient engineer with a master’s degree in Business Informatics from the University of Ljubljana and an MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia. He previously worked at the Central Bank of Slovenia as a lead software engineer and served as blockchain technologist at VEVArica s.p.

## What Makes Boson Protocol Unique?

[Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) aims to not only introduce decentralized technology into e-commerce but also to create an open, tokenized economy. The protocol features [ERC-20]( “Thing” tokens that are used to purchase specific, fungible commitment tokens on the platform. Thing tokens are transferred and traded using regular DeFi tools and can help to create liquid digital markets for the corresponding physical assets.

Boson Protocol advocates for the secure, privacy-preserving collection of e-commerce data and incentivizes users by offering them monetary benefits in exchange for voluntary data sharing. The platform utilizes [Ocean Protocol]( to build a Web 3.0. commerce data marketplace, which will help information buyers gain insights into consumer behaviour and carry out in-depth analyses of their business strategy.

Boson’s core mechanism is designed using game theory concepts with the aim of incentivizing honest behaviour among the parties involved in a trade. Built as a type of sequential game, it features a two-sided deposit structure, which automates the resolution of disputes and reduces reversal losses.

The platform is constructed to be community-owned and strives to ensure the fair distribution of control and value. There are three stages for the evolution of governance of the platform going forward: startup, scale-up and [decentralized autonomous organization]( (DAO). At startup phase, Boson is centrally controlled to achieve protocol-market fit. At scale-up, it levies minimally extractive fees to further develop the project. Finally, it will decentralize to establish a DAO and attain full community-led governance.

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## How Many BOSON Coins Are There in Circulation?

## The total token supply is 200 million [Boson Protocol]( (BOSON). As reported on its official website, the allocation of BOSON tokens is as follows:

* 43.4% allocated as network rewards
* 25% held by the founders and team
* 11.5 % set aside for SAFE and SAFT private sales
* 7% given to early investors
* 5% assigned to advisers
* 5.1% devoted to pre-sale
* 3% distributed through public sale

## How Is the Boson Protocol Network Secured?

[Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) is an ERC-20 token deployed on the [Ethereum]( (ETH) [mainnet](

## When Will BOSON Trading Begin?

The first [Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) token sale took place in April 2021.

## Can BOSON Hit $10?

The price of [Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) jumped from a $0.75 starting price to $5.3319 shortly after the token’s release. In November 2021, as Boson Protocol was launched on its mainnet, the token’s price began showing positive growth dynamics yet again. Taking into account that the project continues to actively develop, BOSON has a decent chance of maintaining this price uptrend with the delivery of its future goals.

## Where Can You Buy BOSON?

[Boson Protocol]( (BOSON) is currently available for purchase on the following exchanges: [KuCoin](, [](, [Bittrex](, [Bitfinex](, [MEXC](, [ Exchange](, [LBank](, [Uniswap (V3)](, []( ( Exchange), [CoinEx](, [Hoo](, [AEX](, [Hotbit](, [HitBTC](, [Hotcoin Global](, [CoinW](, [ZT]( and [Jubi](

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ICO NameBoson Protocol
Start DateApril 07, 2021
End DateApril 08, 2021

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