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ICO NameALL.ART protocol
Start DateDecember 21, 2021
End DateDecember 23, 2021
2 years ago

The [ALL.ART]( Protocol defines **upgraded NFT standards** with **embedded license rights** and additional metadata crafted per industry needs stored on-chain, solving a major shortcoming of the current concept and opening doors to worldwide NFT adoption within a whole range of industries. We call this standard **NFT-PRO**. **$AART** is the native digital, cryptographically-secure token of the ALL.ART Protocol.

The core of the ALL.ART Protocol is the new **NFT infrastructure** that supports **creator economies and metaverses** of the future. Metaverses are coming and NFTs play a key role in the transformation of digital ownership.

ALL.ART Protocol runs on the **Solana** blockchain, which ensures four key benefits: blazing speed and low-cost transactions running on L1 scalability, low energy consumption, and upgradable smart contracts. Solana enables interoperability of protocols, apps, and standards, thus allowing an exponential speed of innovation.

We are now at the dawn of a new era—the era of metaverses. The driving force behind it will not be virtual and augmented realities, but the transformation of ownership. We will finally own our data, assets, items, and estates. This is, of course, possible by using NFTs as the base layer of ownership records. What was once bookkeeping and government-run registers has now become blockchain ledgers handling NFTs.

# $AART token

$AART is used in all services and products released by ALL.ART Protocol and across its ecosystem, like [SolSea]( (an open NFT marketplace on Solana), [VR-All-Art]( (metaverse of galleries and museums), [Unity-Solana NFT wallet](, etc.

$AART is used for trade fee reduction; staking for better visual positioning and ranking, activating special features, services, and products; staking/insurance for validation, yield-farming, virtual estate purchasing and claims, etc.

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