Lend Flare (LFT) ICO Details & Financial Information

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ICO NameLend Flare
Start DateMarch 28, 2022
End DateApril 04, 2022
2 years ago

Lend Flare allows Curve investors to borrow against their LPs for a certain amount of period with a fixed borrow rate and no concerns for assets being liquidated due to price fluctuation. Curve LPs will not be lent out again but reinvest in Convex to ensure the maximum profit and give all back to borrowers. Investors can gain one of the highest supplied interest rate compare to current lending platforms.

For borrowers, Lend Flare deposits their Curve LPs back into Curve via the Convex and takes them as collateral, allowing Curve investors to continue earning their maximum profits from their LPs. Also, Lend Flare only lets borrowers to borrow the same pegged tokens i.e If you hold stethcrv, you can only borrow ETH. As a result, borrowers will have a higher collateral ratio.

For lenders, their supplied assets will be deposited into Compound to earn basic interest even the assets is not borrowed. When borrowers borrow assets, they will have a borrow rate no lower than Compound's. Lend Flare then withdraws corresponding funds from Compound and transfers it to borrower. Due to high collateral ratio, lenders will gain a much higher supplied interest rate than Compound. More over, Lend Flare's contracts are composable so the unused loan liquidity can be deposited into other platforms that provides the highest interest.

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