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ICO NameDark Land Survival
Start DateMarch 22, 2022
End DateMarch 24, 2022
2 years ago

**Dark Land Survival** is more than just an NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game powered by blockchain technology. Built on BSC, it's a massive open world that comes with a whole new perspective. Aside from Play-to-Earn mechanic with a rich story, Dark Land Survival offers a superior gaming experience with various gameplay modes and features such as campaign, dungeon, raid mode, construction mode, landlord, and more. All of which encourage players to keep playing and exploring.

**PvE Mode:**
**IDLE Mode:**

* At the start of the game client, players will automatically be in "IDLE Mode". There will be a small number of zombies slowly approaching your safe house. Your heroes will try to shoot the dead, defend the your territory with their weapons and a barbed wire barrier. Safe house might get damaged when you're not strong enough, or when you're offline for too long.
* There is a maximum number of zombies appearing in one day. In IDLE Mode, your safe house can only attract a small figure of zombies at a time, and the frequency of them coming towards your place is randomly calculated throughout the day.

** Campaign Mode:**

* When players press the "Start" button, they enter the "Campaign Mode"
* In this mode, your Safe House will emit that noise that lures the zombies into attacking your territory. This is where you can face real dangers with chances to claim juicy prizes. Players will have to survive many stages with an increasing difficulty after passing each stage. That means more zombies, stronger waves, or even mutants in next stages will appear to make the players struggle.

**PvP Mode:**
**Dungeon PvP 1v9 - Fight For Land:**

* Zombies are overwhelming on various lands (NFT), by searching for lands near by your position, users could enter the land, fight zombies
* In Dungeon - Fight for Land, Survivor will go against 9 others. Who finishes this stage first will win a very valuable NFT Land with the amount of resources waiting to be exploited. In this mode the different difficulties will yield different land rarity and value.

**Dungeon PvP Arena 1 vs 99 (Treasure Hunt):**

* In Dungeon - Treasure Hunt mode, an event will take place in a certain Land area, where an item box will be placed and Survivor will have to overcome 99 other opponents to win this special NFT treasure. Because the event takes place in a specific Land area, there will be certain advantages for the owner of the Land.
* Time will be limited in hours, depending on the valuation of the treasure.

**Land GamePlay:**

* Build a mining tower, building defending tower, build service house, build farming house.

**Token Use Case:**
We use 2 tokens in Dark Land Survival Project: BIG and DLA

**Governance token $BIG**
* $BIG Tokens are tradable on Exchanges, earned through Dungeon Arena and Special Quest. $BIG can be used for building Towers and Houses on Land, evolving Heroes & Weapons. Another utility of $BIG is that it is also the main currency to be used on NFT Marketplace.
**In-game Token $DLA**
* Earned through Campaign PvE, PvP, Mining, Raid, Clan Wars. $DLA is used for upgrading Heroes & Weapons and other in-game utilities such as enabling shield when offline, refilling hero energy,...

**About the team**
Based in Singapore, BigCat Studio is a group of veteran game experts with many years of combined experience who have come together to form a new studio with a singular vision: to create captivating narrative games. In order to conquer the GameFi world, BIG CAT STUDIO has been established by a team of people with shared minds and visions in incubating NFT Game projects and metaverses, mostly consisting of game design experts and passionate individuals to turn Dark Land Survival into the next big name in the industry.

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