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ICO NameAlien Worlds
Start DateApril 07, 2021
End DateApril 13, 2021
3 years ago

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## What Is Alien Worlds (TLM)?

[Alien Worlds]( (TLM) is a decentralized, [non-fungible token]( (NFT) metaverse, where players compete for scarce resources, Trilium (TLM), in a stimulated economy centered around planetary worlds. Due to this, Alien Worlds also has a decentralized finance (DeFi) element to the game, as players advance by staking TLM and using TLM to vote in Planet [Decentralized Autonomous Organizations]( (DAOs).

[Play-to-earn]( (P2E) NFT games have seen an exponential rise in popularity and value this year. Alien Worlds allow the players, called “explorers” to earn monetary rewards through gameplay or participation in Planet DAOs. By mining in Alien Worlds, a user is rewarded with the native, in-game currency — Trilium (TLM) or NFT packs. Players can stake TLM to boost their rewards or battle with other users for NFTs.

To date, Alien Worlds has established a fair amount of its roadmap, having TLM on Binance launchpad and farming period of TLM on Binance Launchpool. A large portion of game developments have been forged as well. Moving forward, Alien Worlds aims to automate the claiming process of daily allocation to landowners in the game. Artifacts NFTs are soon to be released, and future plans include NFT interoperability.

## Who Are the Founders of Alien Worlds?

The game is developed by German developers [Dacoco GmbH](, who have created three projects to date. Alien Worlds was created in 2020.

Dacoco is based in Zug, Switzerland, which is deemed Switzerland’s ‘[crypto valley](’, due to the number of blockchain and crypto companies based there. They claim to be decentralized autonomous community organizations experts, and also act as guild validators on WAX.

## What Makes Alien Worlds Unique?

Alien Worlds’ first unique feature is that it is a gaming metaverse that features numerous DAOs, giving every TLM coin holder a stake in deciding who runs the platform, allowing people to use TLM to stake, vote or even become a leader.

Players can stake their TLM to Planet DAOs, which then shows their alliance to a planet and allows them to receive more daily TLM rewards. Based on the amount of TLM staked, it affects the extent to which a user can vote for the future of the planet.

Becoming a leader in Alien Worlds is no foreign feat, as the platform allows players to run for candidacy to be a Councillor in more than one planet. Each planet can be managed by more than one elected Councillor, who will share [multi-sig]( control over the respective Planet DAO account.

Another unique feature of Alien Worlds is that it is free-to-play, bypassing expensive barrier costs that are a feature of many traditional games and making it newbie-friendly.

In a testament to Alien Worlds popularity, it is the second fastest growing NFT game. According to DappRadar, it is the second in all [decentralized applications]( (DApp) and first in all DApp games by 24 hour users. This could be attributed in part to the Alien Worlds community development efforts — they are active in 18 languages on Discord, a popular messaging platform for crypto communities, targeting english-native countries, China, Russia, Japan and Turkey. Furthermore, the team are also undertaking localization efforts to support Filipino, Indonesian and Indian players, where P2E games are extremely popular, as seen in the [rise of Axie Infinity]( Other community efforts include: onboarding well-known intellectual properties, supporting active Telegram and Discord communities, sponsored drops and promotion, supporting expansion effort and conducting regular AMAs.

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## How Many Alien Worlds (TLM) Coins Are There in Circulation?

As of September 2021, the total supply of Alien Worlds TLM token is 5,135,726,585 and the maximum total supply of TLM is 10,000,000,000. The allocation of the TLM token is as follow: 13.75% to seed sale; 6.69% to the TLM presale; 2.92% to the Binance launchpad; 3.5% for external protocol development; 9.24% for marketing expenses; 13.14% to the Alien Worlds foundation; 5.35% to the project advisors; 14.6% to the team; 3.89% for governance; 5.84% for liquidity provision; 3.41% as staking rewards; 0.78% used for security audits; 14.24% for ecosystem grants; 2.72% used for participation rewards.

## How Is the Alien Worlds Network Secured?

Alien Worlds runs on three blockchains on which its native token TLM has been deployed: [Binance Smart Chain (BSC)](, [Ethereum]( and [WAX](

Each of the three blockchains supports Alien Worlds’ various functions that let it run smoothly and safely. For a start, Binance supports the staking functionality, letting [BEP-20]( TLM holders to run missions. On the other hand, WAX allows for a free transactional layer for most of the core gaming logic.

NFT image data is stored on the peer-to-peer Inter Planetary File System (IFPS), allowing this data to remain decentralised and allowing external applications to stay in touch with on-chain functions and data so that the games and functionality can run as per usual.

## Can Alien Worlds Coin Hit $10?

Across the year, Alien Worlds has hit a low of $0.0666 and a high of $$7.19. To reach $10 would imply an over 50 times price increase from the current price, as of Sept. 13, 2021. While this is not a large jump in the crypto world and is a reasonable target to achieve. As with all coins, hitting this target would greatly depend on the project team reaching its objectives and the community backing it.

## Where Can You Buy Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Among them: [PancakeSwap (V2),]( []( and [LBank](

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